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Festival of San Nicola di Bari in Gualtieri Sicaminò: Traditions, Devotion, and Fireworks Spectacle

Every year, in the picturesque setting of the northern slopes of the Peloritani mountains, the small community of Gualtieri Sicaminò prepares to celebrate the Festival of San Nicola di Bari with fervor. This unique event, deeply rooted in history, attracts thousands of visitors from all over the island and beyond. A blend of tradition, devotion, and fireworks spectacle makes this festival an unforgettable experience.

An Ancient Tradition

The Festival of San Nicola di Bari in Gualtieri Sicaminò dates back to the distant year of 1620 and has become a fundamental pillar of the community’s culture and spirituality. Each year, on the last Sunday of August, the statue of the Patron Saint is carried in a procession through the village, accompanied by local brotherhoods in traditional attire. Five districts, each with their rivalry and pride, compete in spectacular fireworks displays, culminating in the exciting Interregional Fireworks Arts Festival.

Spiritual Illumination

The day starts at dawn with cannon fire and the invigorating sound of a music band that awakens the village with its melodies. In the late afternoon, after the Holy Mass, the statue of San Nicola exits the Mother Church, accompanied by fireworks displays and colorful illuminations. Along the village streets, the Saint is paraded, creating a captivating mosaic of lights and colors.

Dazzling Tribute from the Districts

The climax comes when the procession reaches one of the town’s bridges. Here, the five districts—San Nicola, Piano Molino, Misericordia, Carmine, and Basso—compete with majestic pyrotechnic performances. The skies of Gualtieri Sicaminò light up with sparkling fireworks shows, each district contributing to this enchanting ballet of lights and sounds.

Delights of Flavors

In addition to the spiritual and spectacular aspects, the Festival of San Nicola also offers unique culinary delights. The tables of Gualtieri residents are adorned with the traditional roasted meat, a delicacy that embodies the authenticity of Sicilian popular cuisine. This dish with its strong and genuine flavor, prepared with lamb or veal and seasoned with local herbs, is ideal for sharing a “Sicilian-style” convivial dinner.

Continued Devotion

The devotion to San Nicola di Bari extends beyond the August festival. Every year on December 6th, the Gualtieri Sicaminò community renews the celebration with the traditional “Nocciolata.” This event involves the distribution of over a thousand kilograms of hazelnuts over a jubilant crowd, symbolizing the profound devotion that the people of Gualtieri hold for their Patron Saint.


The Festival of San Nicola di Bari in Gualtieri Sicaminò is a captivating blend of tradition, devotion, and spectacle. The celebrations draw visitors from every corner, united in awe at an enchanting fireworks display and savoring the authentic flavors of local cuisine. This event is not merely a religious celebration but also an opportunity to keep Gualtieri Sicaminò’s history and culture alive across generations.

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