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The Centuries-Old Tradition of the ‘Acchianata’ at Monte Pellegrino: Devotion to Saint Rosalia in Palermo

Throughout history, the city of Palermo has safeguarded one of its oldest and most moving religious traditions, the ‘Acchianata’ at Monte Pellegrino. This event has permeated the souls of Palermitans for generations, renewing their devotion to their patron saint, Saint Rosalia. In this historical exploration guided by an expert in Palermo’s history, we will discover the importance and evolution of this millennial tradition.

A Ritual Dating Back Through the Centuries

The ‘Acchianata,’ whose etymology lies in the dialectal word meaning “ascent,” has deep roots in Palermo’s history. Originally, it was a pilgrimage that took place on the ancient “Scala Vecchia” and was associated with September 4th, the day when the feast of Saint Rosalia, the patron saint of Palermo, is celebrated. This pilgrimage represented an act of devotion and gratitude for the city’s deliverance from the plague in 1624, when it is said that Saint Rosalia appeared to a shepherd and indicated the location of her relics.

“Ex Voto” and Personal Piety

One of the most touching traditions associated with the ‘Acchianata’ is the practice of “ex voto.” These votive offerings were presented by the faithful as a sign of gratitude for favors received or as requests for protection and intercession from Saint Rosalia. Over the centuries, this practice has accumulated a treasure trove of personal items and artistic representations, which were displayed during the festival, transforming the pilgrimage into a museum of devotion.

Inclusion of Cultural Communities

One unique aspect of the ‘Acchianata’ has been the inclusion of Palermo’s Tamil community. This inclusion has enriched the celebration with an intercultural dimension, demonstrating the diversity and cultural richness of Palermo.

Facilities for Pilgrims

To facilitate the journey for pilgrims and visitors, the Mobility and Transport Company of Palermo has often enhanced the services of Line 812 during the ‘Acchianata,’ making participation in this important religious celebration more accessible. Furthermore, firefighters and forestry personnel have overseen the entire route to ensure the safety of participants.

The Itinerant Spectacle and Its Historical Magic

On the evening of September 4th, the ‘Acchianata’ culminates with an itinerant spectacle along the “Scala Vecchia,” a path that led from the foothills of Monte Pellegrino to the sanctuary dedicated to Saint Rosalia. This spectacle, characterized by lights, music, and prayers, created an enchanting atmosphere that engaged participants in deep reflection on the spirituality and history of Palermo.

Conclusions and Invitation to Participation

In conclusion, the ‘Acchianata’ at Monte Pellegrino is much more than a simple religious procession; it is an invaluable historical and cultural heritage for the city of Palermo. This millennial tradition unites the city’s diverse communities in a fraternal embrace and celebrates the figure of Saint Rosalia as a symbol of hope and protection for all Palermitans.

This journey through the history and tradition of Palermo through the ‘Acchianata’ at Monte Pellegrino reveals a city that jealously preserves its roots and celebrates them with devotion. If you have the opportunity to visit Palermo in September, we warmly invite you to participate in this fascinating historical celebration. Saint Rosalia watches over you!

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