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The Sicilian Arancino: A World Record Tradition!

The arancino, a small culinary treasure from Sicily, has recently clinched the Guinness World Records thanks to the epic feat of the Panyllo bakery in Messina. This giant of taste enchanted not only connoisseurs of pastry but also the Guinness World Records judge Lorenzo Veltri, renowned for his participation in “Lo Show dei Record” with Gerry Scotti on Canale 5. Here is the story of this delicious dish and Panyllo’s triumph.

History of the Arancino: The arancino has deep roots in Sicilian culinary culture, dating back to the 9th century during Arab occupation. Initially called “arancia” for its orange-like shape, this food over time became an icon of Sicilian tradition. The arancino is an explosion of flavors, a balanced mix of rice, ragù, peas, and cheese, all wrapped in a crunchy, fried shell.

The Epic Record: On the night of triumph, in Piazza Duomo in Messina, the Panyllo bakery presented a mammoth arancino that literally swept away the previous record. Weighing in at 56.2 kilograms and measuring 60 cm in height and 55 cm in diameter, this culinary masterpiece far surpassed the 2019 record of 32.7 kg in Catania. The entire process, from the dramatic cooking in the large pot, to the weighing and verification of the ingredients after the arancino was opened, was closely monitored by judge Lorenzo Veltri, assisted by metric inspector Salvatore Ciulla and biologist Rosalba Comerci.

Community Joy: The owners of the bakery, Stefano and Davide Ferro, visibly excited, shared their enthusiasm: “It’s a great emotion to have obtained this prestigious international title after weeks of intense work and great organizational effort.” This victory is not just a personal success, but a celebration for all of Messina and for the pastry industry in the city.

Conclusion: The arancino is much more than just a food, it is a symbol of pride and passion for Sicilian culinary tradition. Panyllo’s victory in the Guinness World Records is a tribute to this culture and a demonstration of the talent and dedication of local artisans. The arancino continues to surprise and delight palates around the world, reaffirming itself as a true ambassador of Sicilian cuisine.

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